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In the world of hair repair, DS Labs’ Continuum (Professional-Only) and its take-home system, NIA Fix, are giving the once-ubiquitous bond reformer Olaplex a serious run for its money.


Bond & Cuticle Restructuring System

NIA FIX is a revolutionary bond restructuring and advanced cuticle restoring two-step treatment that transforms damaged/treated hair into softer, stronger, healthier, more vibrant looking hair. It physically repairs bonds and the cuticle from the inside out thanks to its two-step treatment.

The Test

If you have compromised/damaged hair, your stylist may have sold you on getting a costly in-salon Olaplex treatment running upwards of $50. Will it bring your hair back from the brink of breakage? Probably. Will it feel like virgin hair again? Not likely. You can also expect your hair to be weighed down, less able to hold a curl, and have a second-day dullness to it. Forget about shine. And if you have scalp problems or dandruff the heavy nature of it is likely to aggravate these problems and leave behind residue, also causing hair to look greasier, faster.

My Testimonial

As a long-time bleach addict, I accepted these unwanted Olaplex side effects for the sake of preventing breakage. Happily I have been introduced to NIA Fix, a grand improvement on bond-reformer technology.


After using NIA Fix once, my double-processed hair had a natural shine, strength, and manageability that I have not felt or seen since I first went platinum over a decade ago. No dullness from heavy conditioning agents, no flat-to-the head added weight, and my blowout waves lasted days instead of minutes.


I am thrilled to finally have a product available for my clients to use to maintain hair integrity, and at a price point that makes sense. One NIA Fix box is enough for four treatments on even the thickest hair and costs less than a single in-salon Olaplex treatment.

How it works

How it works

NIA Fix is derived from DS Labs’ Continuum bond reformer. It performs the same bond reforming process but it has been brilliantly reformulated for simple at-home use, making this technology available outside of salons for the first time. It can be done in the shower (no external heat required!) and takes about the same time and effort as a standard deep conditioning treatment.

How do bond re-formers work,
and what makes them so beneficial?

Bond reformers work in two parts:

Part 1: A catalyst that the professional mixes into bleach or color, or can be carefully diluted with water for use as a stand alone treatment.

Part 2: A neutralizing conditioner type product that is applied after the color is rinsed out or directly on top of the (diluted) step 1 to complete the restoration.

No treatment



Bond & Cuticle Restructuring System

Repairs Chemically Damaged Hair
Color and chemical treatments damage hair over time. Without attention, this damage can translate into dry, damaged, frizzy tresses. NIA FIX comes in to resolve that damage and protect your hair from future damage.


Reduces Breakage

Don’t let your hair fall victim to the stresses and strains of daily life. NIA FIX strengthens hair to reduce breakage and promote strength, both now and in the future.