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We asked a dermatologist to test Spectral.Lash vs. Latisse, here are her results.

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DR. Daniela Gutierrez

Member of CILAD
Member of International Academy of Trichoscopy
Member of International Academy of Trichology

The Test

Lately, it has come to my attention to see more and more patients in my practice with false eyelashes. And it is expected since eyelashes, especially in women, are an essential accessory to frame your face. The functions of the eyelash is a protective barrier of the eye against the sun, wind, foreign bodies, and sweat.

A more contemporary desire is to have long, thick lashes for feminine attraction. They make the frame on the face along with the eyebrows, hair, and cheekbones that give each individual a unique and more attractive appearance. Above all, it provides an appearance of femininity.

Some patients visit me for irritation from the glue, but invariably all with very long and thick false eyelashes that do not look good. I also observed the scary loss of lashes after removing the prostheses.

I asked patients what they used for eyelashes growth, and it resulted in being many miracle products, ranging from castor oil in the supermarket, to different mascaras that promise but do not deliver results.

I decided to test two dermatologists’ approved products for eyelash growth. Spectral Lash (DS Laboratories) and Latisse (Allergan). Latisse, a glaucoma drug approved in 1992 by the FDA for eyelash growth.

These drugs are prostaglandin analogs. In the lash follicle, there are receptors for prostaglandins. These induce the eyelash to enter into prolonging the ANAGEN phase (growth phase); therefore, they make the eyelash grow longer. After (5) weeks of applying Spectral Lash on the right upper and lower lashes (1 click) and Latisse (1 drop) on the left, these are my results.

Love the result in both eyes. My eyelashes grew longer; they look thicker and darker. This makes my face, even without makeup, to look more polished, more defined, and my looks changed dramatically, as you can see in my pictures. The eyelashes look like they have mascara, even if they don’t.

The Results

Latisse® (Bimatoprost)
30 Days
30 Days
30 Days

Differences between
Latisse® (Bimatoprost) vs. Spectral.LASH®


Ask if you are a candidate to use this type of products; both are
excellent options to have longer thicker longer eyelashes.



Spectral.Lash is topical care designed to treat deficiencies in length, quality, and density of eyelashes. A clinically-tested dermatological treatment that utilizes the most innovative advances in biotechnology for eyelash growth; this is a revolutionary formula that delivers thick, beautiful lashes.

It contains a large amount of active ingredients such as Adenosine, which thickens and stimulates hair growth (it prolongs the anagenous phase and decreases the telogenous phase). It works by increasing the production of a protein called FGF-7, which is found in the papilla of the dermis (the part of the hair follicle that nourishes the hair as it grows).

Spectral Lash® contains a Vitamin Complex to protect and stimulate the emergence of new eyelashes and a Peptide Complex called Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 that stimulates the expression of keratin genes to foster their growth.

Dense Lashes, Quickly