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More than 80 percent of men and nearly half of women experience significant hair loss during their lifetime. For many, the thinning starts well before middle age.

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best for:
thinning hair
This combination is optimal for preventing and reducing hair growth while stimulating hair growth.

MSRP: $70
// per month
Revita Shampoo
Revita Tablets
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best for:
Best for reducing and stimulating hair along the hairline area.

MSRP: $56
// per month
StimuROLLER 0.5mm
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best for:
at the crown
Best for growing thicker, longer hair around the crown target area.

MSRP: $70
// per month
Revita Shampoo
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Dr. Antonella Tosti
Revita is the best shampoo to prevent and treat hair loss. It delivers caffeine that stimulates hair growth and also counteracts the negative effects of testosterone in hair follicles. If you lose more hair than normal or feel your hair is getting thinner, Revita is the right shampoo for you.
Dr. Sergio Vano Jaen
DS Laboratories has been included in our trichology manual as one of the effective therapeutic alternatives for androgenic alopecia.
Dr. Yanna Barros
Revita Shampoo an integral part of my treatment protocol for all of my patients suffering from hair loss and thinning.
Dr. Daniela Gutierrez
Revita shampoo prepares the scalp for hair loss and hair thinning treatments. It’s active ingredients diminish inflammation and block the androgenetic effects on the hair follicle, and the antioxidants promote thickness and prevent aging of the hair unit.